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Socks are an interesting thing. When they are created, the thread is picked out based off what color and/or colors a person it making. Once the color is carefully selected the process to create the sock begins. Row by row the sock begins. Each row connected to the prior row and awaiting the next row. When the sock is complete, you now have something that most Minnesotans would say is an essential article of clothing. Its impossible to keep your feet warm without that layer of perfectly selected threads over your feet and in your shoes.

Some socks are created to stand out, with multiple colors and wild patterns. Others are what we would call simple and one color was used, no patterns just a straight forward design. But both are equally important. Both serve a purpose. One for a business professional look that complement any business persons outfit. The other meant to stand out (possibly under a business suit) but mostly to show off and make a presence.

I believe our creation was much the same. The threads that make up who we are were carefully selected, one by one. The most talented creator then took each thread and made each one of us in a uniquely different way. Various colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, and purposes. Each one of us has a different pattern and most have multiple patterns.

For my daughter Mila, she has a special pattern. A pattern reserved for a select few. Instead of two strands within all of her chromosomes (threads) she was hand selected to get a 3rd strand in her 21st set of chromosomes. Widely known as Down Syndrome or Trisomy Twenty One.

Along with her extra special thread comes many challenges, but also vastly greater rewards and triumph. Mila is a natural born changer. At just 4.5 years old she can walk into a room, say nothing and light up an entire room with just a smile. She doesn't use words to talk, however she doesn't need to. She will use sign language but mostly she uses body language. You can tell when she loves something because of her facial response, and her golden outpouring of love and laughter.

The type of love that Mila shares is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. She has a tough exterior, but once you've cracked through that tough exterior, your in. You will feel the utmost unconditional love from a child who doesn't even speak. She loves with her whole being and soul. Its bright, white , happy love.

What I now truly believe is that Mila and friends like her are the closest us humans will ever be to God in the flesh. Mila doesn't care what your social status is, she doesn't care what your financial picture looks like, she doesn't care what you look like, she cares about loving everyone. She cares about showing love to those in front of her. She will not judge you based of your past, your mistakes, or your choices, she will love you.

This next week on March 21st will be Mila's 5th World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day because Mila has 3 of the 21st chromosome, so 3/21 every year. If you feel so inclined to celebrate with us we like to wear crazy mismatched socks on that day to celebrate our differences. Join us and even send or post a picture of your crazy socks to celebrate these amazing humans that bring us closer to God in the flesh.

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